Farah Obaidullah

Farah Obaidullah

Ocean Advocate & Founder Women4Oceans

We must bring back healthy oceans, our lives depend on it

Farah is a long time advocate for healthy oceans. She has spent the past fifteen years working around the world on land and at sea to address the most pressing issues facing the ocean. These issues include overfishing, illegal fishing, labour abuse in the seafood sector, affected communities and food security, protected areas, whaling, climate change and the need for a global treaty to protect life on the high seas.

Farah has worked for a range of NGOs including eleven years with Greenpeace International as a senior oceans campaigner. Her work has led her to present on several occasions at the United Nations, at INTERPOL, on various TV news shows and at numerous ocean forums around the world.

Farah provides an overview of the ocean, why it is important to us and what the threats are facing the ocean. She then will focus on a personal story, an incident which triggered her to think about how we are managing the ocean and what is missing.

Farah currently consults on different ocean projects and is the founder of Women4Oceans, a platform that connects and amplifies women around the world working for healthy oceans. This platform currently has 2500 women in the community.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/women4oceans/

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