Elena Incisa di Camerana

Elena Incisa di Camerana

Lawyer, Regional Program Manager, Latin America and the Caribbean

Youth in Honduras is moving forward through pixels of life.

difficult neighbourhood, unfortunately known for its intrinsically and accepted violence, is made of people: youth, women and men, boys and girls, adults, the elderly. Some of them decided not to accept discrimination and stigmatization just for leaving in this place. How to change, personally, but also vis à vis the others? What moves us forward, life and its pixels and colors. Empowering through developing talents to change lifes.


Elena works with marginalized and vulnerable people and their organizations to inform them about their rights and empower them to grasp opportunities. She provided legal assistance to immigrants and asylum seekers and worked on civil and family law in international treaties. In Honduras, she worked on the pixels of life project, involving 10 young boys and girls in San Pedro Sula, raising awareness about their rights and access to justice to make them see their opportunities.