Carla María Angola Rodríguez

Carla María Angola Rodríguez

Journalist, Anchor, Reporter, Advocate Human Rights

Delayed justice is a Denied justice

“The big challenge for us as a journalists is to keep our country active and hopeful in the outcome of this investigation in the International Criminal Court. Venezuelans tend to be cynical and skeptical because the regimen is in charge of making them believe that they can manipulate international justice as they do at home. Fight Fake News spread by the regime.”

Carla María Angola Rodríguez is an Venezuelan-American journalist with a 27-year career. Advocate of human rights, democracy and freedom.  She created and developed a personal brand with (3.1 million followers on Instagram and 2.8 million on Twitter) dedicated to news research and exclusive interviews. She had to flee Venezuela after the Maduro regime ordered her husband and father-in-law to be persecuted. She lives now in the United States.

Twitter: @carlaangola