Bernhard Lenger

Bernhard Lenger

Designer and Founder of Foundation We Are

Collaborative design has the tools to find solutions for global issues.

‘We Are Human Rights’┬áis a unique collaboration between seven designers and seven human rights defenders. Together they are tackling human rights issues and investigate how design can support human rights defenders in Burundi, Colombia, Kenya, Nicaragua, Mexico, Sudan and Russia. Seven design projects are currently developed within the programme.


Bernhard is an Austrian award-winning physical narrative designer. In 2016 he graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven after which he established his own design studio and found Foundation We Are in 2018. He was a speaker at the EU Women Economic Forum 2017, designed the `This is Ecocide` campaign and initiated the ‘we are human rights’ project.

Twitter: @WeAre_FDN
Facebook: foundationweare/