Benson Ongom

Benson Ongom

Investigative Journalist

The Scars of LRA War and the Quest for Justice in Northern Uganda

Benson is motivated telling Human Interest Stories, something that can be done and changed.” We live in a society where social provision is a demand, and finding justice is not a right but a privilege for the few. As a journalist, I have to use my lenses and pen to try to change something about my society/community.

Benson Ongom is Northern Uganda Bureau Chief, Next Media Services. A career journalist for the past 10 years, covering the ICC trials of former LRA war commander Dominic Ongwen with the  opportunity to work for both broadcast and print media. An Award-winning investigative reporter for the second-year in a row, biased with the ideas of a human interest story.

Twitter: @benongomTweets