Behar Ali

Behar Ali

Director of Emma, an organization for human development

Bringing ISIS to justice is the beginning of trauma healing.

Behar Ali tells us how Yazidi women survivors of sexual violence from ISIS are living in a terrible situation in the camps. They are all traumatized and they don’t have access to good education, heath services and even daily basic needs. There are many children born out of rape and they are not accepted by the society, this means mothers can not keep their children. The Iraqi government should take responsibility for reparations for the Yazidi women survivors of sexual violence.

Behar Ali is a woman with a mission. As a young woman in the late 1980s in Iraq, she experienced the notorious poison gas attack on Halabja. When Saddam Hussein started another campaign against the Kurds in the mid-1990s, Behar fled to the Netherlands where she specialized in women’s rights. After the fall of Saddam, she returned to northern Iraq to help rebuild her country. Behar is co-founder of EMMA, an organization that offers psychosocial support to victims of Islamic extremists. ‘Women whose entire families have been killed by IS seek help from EMMA. There is so much suffering; many of them have endured the unimaginable,’ says Behar.

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