Anwar Al-Ibrahim

Anwar Al-Ibrahim

Ph.D. holder in civil engineering

The gender issue never crossed my mind even on the jobsite

Anwar is motivated by the ability to positively affect lives through personal connection. Her passion for teaching comes from the joy in mentoring, guiding, and watching her students grow as successful members of society. Her motivation is intrinsic and predicated on empowering individuals to believe in themselves and work towards contributing to a successful and prosperous society.

Anwar is a daughter of an Italian mother and a Kuwaiti father, born and raised in Kuwait. It shaped her personality today to lead one of Kuwait’s most important construction project to build Kuwait University’s new campus. Although the construction industry is typically a male dominated industry in Kuwait, it was never part of her thought process. Anwar’s talk will break the stereotypes that assume women cannot take the lead in male dominated Industries and shed light on the fact that in Kuwait, being a female is not a handicap.

Dr. Al-ibrahim is a Ph.D. holder in civil engineering. She is currently a faculty member at the college of engineering and petroleum, Kuwait University, and assistant director for the construction program responsible for supervising the construction of the new Kuwait University campus in Shedadeya known by Sabah Al-Salem University Campus. 

Twitter: @anwaraalibrahim
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/anwar.alibrahim.39

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