Alia Al-Khaled

Alia Al-Khaled

Social and Economic Policy Researcher

Understand the broken cogs in the system and to fix them

Alia Al-Khalid is motivated empowering people to be involved in change. To understand the broken cogs in the system and to fix them. To awaken a society that has been disillusioned for a long time. There’s nothing women can’t do that men can do.

You will hear about Alia’s journey from being a complacent member of society to an active advocate for change. About mirespresation or women and a society that buys into the facade of equal opportunities and how Alia intends to bridge the gap between a flawed system to help create an empowered society for men and women.

Alia Al-Khalid – Previously ran for parliament, vowed to fight corruption.

Twitter: @afh_alkhaled

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