Abeer Ali Al-Mukhaini

Abeer Ali Al-Mukhaini

Follow Up and Administration Director at Al-Matar Group

Outreach, connect and create a radical impact.

Abeer Ali Al-Mukhaini is young leader motivated by a desire to uplift young women and their families in her native Oman. Her talk will emphasize the importance of understanding and prioritising the community one works in. She will demonstrate how, through a simple program, she managed to create opportunities for young women in different region across Oman. She will highlight the journey of this program to illustrate how it managed to succeed across an ethnically diverse community by working closely with stakeholders in the community.

Abeer Ali Al-Mukhaini is passionate about the potential to change society through local action. She says the contributions that local leaders make in their own communities will ultimately lead to global success. She believes that if a community is empowered through different customised programs then radical change can happen. She wants The Hague Talks audience to know that global good is always connected to the amount of change we can make locally and understanding the needs of the local community. Her experience in Oman has taught her that prosperity is spread through positive contribution to the community.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/abeer.ali.395
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/3abeer1881/

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