Africa Talks

A good number of young people across the African continent are taking bold steps towards changing the narrative about the African continent, through innovative solutions that contribute to peace and justice issues.

There is an essential need to share the success stories of these young changemakers from different African countries. Outlining how they have been able to inspire positive social action and movements in the continent, respective of the unfavorable situations and circumstances, through out of the box ideas is inspiring not only for peers on the continent but also outside. Sharing prospects on how the continent is taking positive steps towards actualizing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) can lead to example all around the world.

Sustainable development in Africa can on the one hand be achieved through critical thinking and the other hand by looking at peace and justice from different dimensions. Thereby, promoting peer-to- peer learning and knowledge sharing for immediate social action is from great importance. This will also help inspire young Africans to believe in themselves and look out for possibilities to harness available opportunities in the continent to form a critical mass needed to address specific social problems.


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