Leonardo Párraga

Leonardo Párraga

Artist, Poet, Social Entrepreneur

Peace is not in goverments but our hands!

Colombia has experienced a lot of polarization after 50 years of war, where the guerrilla members has been seen as the enemy. Writing letters to one another is a powerful way to debunk stereotypes and start to perceive the other as an equal. That is the start of building a new society.


Leonardo Párraga is a global citizen acting in a local context. He believes that peace, development, and happiness in society start at a personal level, that is why he is in a constant process of self-actualization. Leonardo is the founder of the BogotArt Foundation, fostering social inclusion through the arts and the co-founder of the campaign Cartas por la Reconciliación (Letters for the Reconciliation), aiming to bridge the social divide between ex-combatants from FARC and the civil society through a safe space for dialogue. He is the first winner of the Youth Carnegie Peace Prize, recognizing the role of young peacebuilders in generating sustainable peace. Leonardo is also the Youth Ambassador for the Peace Palace.

Twitter: @parragaleo
Facebook: leonardo.parraga