About Hague Talks

Hague Talks is a meeting place for creative minds, peace inventors and game changers in the field of peace and justice. It is a stage and breeding place for new ideas and perspectives, a forum for discussion and a starting point for concrete action.

At Hague Talks we believe that looking at peace and justice from a variety of angles and perspectives sparks innovative thinking and acting. Hague Talks is convinced that both creative minds from within and beyond the working field of peace and justice can contribute to its dialogue and promotion.

HagueTalks is powered by Hague project Peace and Justice. This foundation includes a network of 160 Hague-based international organizations and knowledge institutions that work towards a peaceful, just and secure world.


For HagueTalks it is important to also hear your thoughts on Peace & Justice, and how to set this in motion. Therefore HagueTalks has set up the page Ideas that Matter.
If you would like to share your idea with us, during the program, then please send us an email. You’ll share your idea to the audience and this will also be filmed and placed on the ‘Ideas that Matter’ page.
It would be great to hear your thoughts!

The identity created for HagueTalks by design studio, Trapped in Suburbia, won Bronze in the Identity category of 2015’s edition of Hiiibrand Awards. This prestigious international design competition receives thousands of entries each year from design agencies from across the world.

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