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Does war have rules?

Healthcare and humanitarian workers are increasingly in the crosshairs as hospitals and aid centers have become part of the battlefield in Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan, and elsewhere.  The profound surge of violence against medical facilities has claimed thousands of lives, destroyed health systems, and challenged norms of international humanitarian law contained in the Geneva Conventions. 

On May 3rd we will organize a dialoge with practitioners from the military, in health, human rights and international law. We will start the afternoon with the intriguing documentary ‘ The new Barbarianism’ that examines the crisis, its causes, and the limited international response. The film will be introduced by Justin Kenny, director and writer of the documentary.

Moderated by Jelte van Wieren, Director of the Department for Stability and Humanitarian Aid at the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Free event:

This HagueTalks is organized in cooperation with Museon, CSIS, Dutch MFA, Taskforce UNSC, NL Red Cross and ICRC.


Is it possible to achieve positive peace and international justice without raising ethical standards?

Every year there are around a hundred armed conflicts in the world, ranging from large scale conflicts to smaller conflicts. Peace has been defined in a negative way as the ‘absence of armed conflict’, regardless of the level of other armed violence like organized crime…

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