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#HearMeToo: how to educate, activate, accelerate?

Having rights and laws enacted to eliminate violence against women and girls needs to go hand in hand with people being informed about their rights and obligations. This HagueTalks is about tapping into women and girls empowerment to decreasing violence. Education being the key to inform people and, in turn, helps to activate and accelerate change.

Join the dialogue with your experiences and lessons learned.


  • Elena Incisa di Camerana will share her experiences in Honduras and how photography helped to decrease gang violence.
  • Makgatho Motshekga will explain the importance of cultural sensitivity in education for local communities in South Africa and finding their way to justice.
  • Hoang Thi Huong will talk about working with youth groups to promote gender equality and women’s human rights, universal values in Vietnam. Her programmes have focused on capacity building to change discourses of gender norms and breaking out of gender stereotypes through social campaigns and social media.
  • Kesia-Onam Apkene Yawo Togoh, a GPPAC Gender and Peace Education expert, West Africa Network for Peacebuilding (WANEP), Ghana.

This HagueTalks event is organized in partnership between IDLO, RVO, Humanity House and GPPAC.

If you can’t attend, follow us via livestream here.



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