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Regardless your cultural background, disability, gender, or sexual preference; everyone has the right to participate and be an integral part of society. We strive for a world that is divers and inclusive and in which you feel safe. But still much has to be done. In this edition of HagueTalks human rights defenders from Kenia and Turkey will share their stories and efforts for an inclusive and just society.

About the speakers

  • Jayne Waithera is a human rights defender from Kenia. She also suffers from a skin deficiency that makes her albino with low vision. Against all odds, she has risen from the stigma of being different to a young woman, who has used her own challenges as a motivation to promote a society that does not exclude people for being different. Through her work she promotes diversity and inclusiveness by innovative means. Her goal is to raise awareness and reduce the stigma associated with albinism.
  • Benan Molu is a human rights lawyer from Istanbul. She passionately protects the rights of minorities, women, and LGBTIs in Turkey, which is of course not entirely without danger. From her activities as a human rights lawyer she can share her professional perspective and tell us, from her own experience, how she contributes to a more inclusive and just society in Turkey.
  • Judi Mesman is hoogleraar ‘Diversiteit in opvoeding en ontwikkeling’ en decaan van het Leiden University College The Hague (LUC) van de Universiteit Leiden. Judi Mesman’s onderzoek richt zich onder andere op de interactie tussen ouders en jonge kinderen vanuit een cross-cultureel perspectief.


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