What will it take to live in a world where climate justice prevails?

The climate crisis is the biggest threat to future generations and those already facing these adversities, often have contributed the least to the current state of affairs. The Global Youth Climate Agenda represents the vision for climate justice, uniting voices from across the global North and South.

This HagueTalks event on ‘United Nations Day’, is about the vision of youth for their future. Highlighting the importance of international cooperation for climate justice & sustainable development, with equal participation opportunities for youth from different global regions; and sharing the younger generation’s vision for climate justice with world leaders and decision-makers responsible for climate action. The launch of the Global Youth Climate Agenda is also an invitation to the audience to engage with youth from various geographic backgrounds in the run-up towards COP27.

Three speakers will share their stories and discuss how can policy makers use the proposal arising from the Global Youth Climate Agenda? The Dutch Minister for Trade and Development Liesje Schreinemacher has been invited to receive the first official copy of the Global Youth Climate Agenda.

The event is co-organised by We Are Tomorrow – Global Partnership, the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Municipality of the Hague.


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