What does climate justice look like in the eyes of tomorrow’s leaders?

The climate crisis is the biggest threat to our future and its devastating impacts are already felt around the globe. At the same time, the generations that will face the brunt of the impact rarely have a say in the policies meant to address it. Ahead of the pivotal COP27 climate conference in Egypt, young people from across five continents have come together to present their vision for the future. In the Global Youth Climate Agenda, which will be officially launched during this event, they present their ideas for a climate just world. 

Young advocates from Bangladesh, Nigeria and the Netherlands will speak to three of the main themes of this agenda. Why is it important to educate people of all ages on climate change? How do we adapt to the already inevitable consequences of climate change? What responsibility do Global North countries have towards countries in the Global South who suffer severe losses from climate change? Three speakers will share their vision on these questions and what the answers mean for youth in their country.


  • Sohanur Rahman – Youthnet for Climate Justice, Bangladesh
  • Babatunde Osbo – EarthPlus, Nigeria
  • A board member of deJonge Klimaatbeweging.

The audience will have the opportunity to engage with the youth on these questions. Afterwards, the first official version of the Global Youth Climate Agenda will be handed over to Kitty van der Heijden (Director General for International Cooperation at the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs) and to other high-ranking government officials around the world. 

The event is co-organised by We Are Tomorrow – Global Partnership, the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Municipality of the Hague.


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