Can we still strive towards Oneness of Humanity in today’s world?

A special event will take place on 29 March at the Museon, The Hague around the theme ‘ONE PLANET ONE HUMANITY’. Jointly organized by The Walk of Hope, The Hague Bridge, Hague Talks and Museon, the event will be attended by Sri M, peace maker, social reformer, peace activist, educator, spiritual leader and founder of Manav Ekta Foundation. He will present his views on ‘Can we still strive towards Oneness of Humanity in today’s world?’

The Walk of Hope on 30 March is organized by City of The Hague. The Walk aims at spreading the message on non-violence, tolerance and peace among the participants and in priority the Youth, particularly school and college children. With its motto: “Oneness of Humanity”. It aims at promoting the idea that what unifies us as mankind is more fundamental than what separates us and that mutual undertanding and dialogue lead to greater tolerance, gradually considering the well-being of others as our own.

Adama Dieng, Under-Secretary General, Special Adviser of the Secretary-General of the United Nations on the Prevention of Genocide will also take part and talk about ‘Towards Oneness, Prevention of Atrocity Crimes and Hate Speech’.

Femke Gunnewe and Abe Liskens have both lived abroad for quite some time, Femke in rural Tanzania and Abe in Singapore and Switzerland, before moving to the Netherlands. They are students from the International School of The Hague. They will give a talk about their experience with, and vision for the oneness of humanity.