How can we invest in sustainable peace?

Sometimes it feels as if there’s a never-ending cycle of conflict on the news and peace – especially sustainablepeace– is rare.  This event delves into some of the key elements we need to consider:

  • What causes conflict? Are there new effective methods we can share that have dealt with root causes and prevented war? What can we do ourselves to counter the tendency to see others negatively?
  • How do we get out of a conflict? Experienced peace negotiators take us inside their worlds and help us understand the ways warring parties can be encouraged to the table.
  • And what makes peace sustainable? How can we judge sustainability? Hear from those who have hands on knowledge of the systems and ideas needed to embed peace.

If you want to hear from practitioners and professionals, social entrepreneurs, activists and artists– all of whoare passionate about contributing their talents and knowledge to the objective of lasting peace, then this edition of HagueTalks is for you. Come along and join the discussion at #haguetalks.


More information coming soon …